Enjoy the Silence

10/05/2016 08:38
  By VASILIKI LISMANI ( EFL Teacher, Bed., MA (Special Education) In the light of the new school year, EFL teachers are about to make new decisions about organising their classes. It is something like “New Year Resolutions”, a promise to do an act of...


Ideas to effectively incorporate Multisensory Teaching into our L2 classes.

10/05/2016 08:24
  By VASILIKI LISMANI ( EFL Teacher, Bed., MA (Special Education)   Multisensory teaching provides a variety of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile stimuli to encourage and develop memory and learning and offers techniques that can be applied to teach...


The living being called "The English Language"

10/05/2016 08:21
  by Vasiliki Lismani Those of us who attended the 37th Annual TESOL Greece International Convention were pleased to watch Misty Antoniou giving some "R-evolutionary Ideas for Teaching Vocabulary and Spelling". So many words make sense after the explanations she provided...